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We are an infrastructure-based venture builder aiming to rewrite digital identity and trust

Our dual investment thesis to outperform the market: building & scaling stand-alone niche venture companies

Thesis 1

Shared RegTech infrastructure leads to significantly decreased risks, go-to-market time & costs.

Thesis 2

Systematic validation of solutions for individual use cases, enables building and scaling stand-alone niche venture companies.


Our rationale of investing in digital identity & trust with a proven approach

Why digital identity & why us


We have gathered a world-class team of RegTech thought leaders & pioneers of digital identity and trust.


We have a wide network of contacts in the digital identity industry, including further experts, partners, and potential customers, which gives us and our portfolio ventures a head-start on the market.


We have access to a wide range of resources within JB10X, including funding, mentorship, and shared infrastructure, which helps ventures in our portfolio scale and grow more quickly.


Focusing on the specific field of digital identity, allows us to be the market-leading specialist in this area.

Why Venture Building

Proven approach

By building ventures from scratch, we  have a proven model that has been tested and validated.

Faster time to market

By relying on an existing and shared infrastructure, we decrease the time of go to market significantly. The ventures can focus solely on business and not regulation & tech in this complex industry.


By having a portfolio of companies working in the digital identity space, we create a powerful ecosystem that helps all of the ventures in our portfolio to succeed through sharing knowledge, resources and customers.

More control

By building the ventures from scratch, we have more control over the direction and development of the ventures, which allows us to better align the portfolio with our strategic goals.


A proven approach: Venture building based on standardized and fully certified shared RegTech infrastructure



In the initial stage we come up with new ideas for ventures - specifically use case ventures - leveraging JB10X Consulting with its market insights and business development. Our unfair advantage apart from our expertise is the direct market access and first customers before we have even launched the venture through consulting projects.



In this stage we validate the concept by researching the market and its potential, identifying the real customer problem, validating the legal & tech feasibility. We develop the business plan including the validation of attractiveness of the unit economics.



Now we build the MVP based on our infrastructure and start the business development - also outside of existing JB10X Consulting customers. We build up the founding team as well as the structures (incl. legal entity) of the venture and cover the seed investment.



In the multi-step scaling phase, the venture focusses on growth by acquiring more customers, potentially expanding to new markets and developing new features. We will cover scaling investment partially and the venture will be open to external investments in this stage.



Exits are not our focus for individual ventures since we want to grow a portfolio with clear synergies that fuel our core infrastructures. Nevertheless, in some cases it might be strategically beneficial to work towards an exit.